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The following is a list of weapons in the game Deathgarden.

List of weapons[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Type
Core Design TTX22 Sniper Rifle.png Core Design TTX22 Sniper Rifle 12 round magazine. Unlimited effective range. Sniper Rifles
FR574 Devils Breath - Bolt Action Sniper.png FR574 "Devils Breath" - Bolt Action Sniper Very long range and slow rate of fire. Massive damage. Sniper Rifles
Jasper 67V Auto Shotgun.png Jasper 67V Auto Shotgun Fast rate of fire. 8 round magazine. 11 meters effective range. Shotguns
Mauler 190 Shotgun.png Mauler 190 Shotgun 12 round magazine. 13 meter effective range. Shotguns
Passam Hacksaw T24 LMG.png Passam Hacksaw T24 LMG 150 round magazine. 30 meter effective range. Assault Rifles & LMG's
Snake Bite Assault Rifle.png "Snake Bite Assault Rifle" 40 round magazine. 45 meter effective range. Assault Rifles & LMG's