Treasure Hunter

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Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter.png
Collecting Blood reveals all Crates and Blood within a distance

"Harvest blood and your HUD will reveal useful objects near you, so you can clean up. Honestly, we're making this so easy for you now. I'm going to get complaints from the Hunters."

- Andrus Quintero

A perk available to Switch.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Collecting Blood reveals all Crates and Blood within a set distance for 10 seconds.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Level Effect Cost Task
1 35 meters Blood icon.png125 N/A
2 45 meters Blood icon.png170 Mark 30 objects
3 55 meters Blood icon.png230 Crouch 120 seconds
4 65 meters Blood icon.png310 Jump 70 times
5 75 meters Blood icon.png410 Iron icon.png30 Disable 27 Drones
6 85 meters Blood icon.png550 Iron icon.png61
7 95 meters Blood icon.png730 Iron icon.png124
8 105 meters Blood icon.png970 Iron icon.png254
9 115 meters Blood icon.png1290 Iron icon.png518
10 125 meters Blood icon.png1720 Iron icon.png1059