The Proving Grounds

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The Proving Grounds will be displayed in your Locker Room whether you’re playing hunter or scavenger. The hunter leaderboard and the scavenger leaderboard will each feature your top score of the week for that role. Additionally, four players will be shown, with your position in the middle (2 higher ranked players, 2 lower ranked players.)

Hunt With a Friend[edit | edit source]


The Proving Grounds is disabled during the weekly Hunt With a Friend event.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Icon Rank Player Percentage
Stone transparent icon.png Stone 100%
Bronze transparent icon.png Bronze 90%
Silver transparent icon.png Silver 75%
Gold transparent icon.png Gold 50%
Platinum transparent icon.png Platinum 25%
Diamond transparent icon.png Diamond 10%
Master transparent icon.png Master 5%
Grandmaster transparent icon.png Grandmaster 1%