Smoke Screen

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Smoke Screen
Creates a 12m radius Smoke Screen that blocks visibility for a time

"Sometimes it's best to use the simplest solution. The bolt explodes, leaving a thick cloud, comprised mainly of printing by-products. All highly toxic, of course. But that's why you wear that mask, right?"

- Andrus Quintero

The Smoke Screen Vambrace Power is the default power for Fog and the alternate vambrace power for Switch.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Upon hitting an obstacle, the Vambrace releases a smoke cloud with the radius of 12 meters that lasts for 5-9.5 seconds

The smoke will block the view of everything if the observer is outside the smoke.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Powers can be leveled up by the technician located in the Hunter hub. In reach the next level, one must complete a relevant task (shown when looking at the power in the upgrade booth) and gain a sufficient amount of NPI.

!Level Effect Cost Task
1 5 seconds N/A N/A
2 5.5 seconds NPI icon.png340 Make 10 Smoke Screens
3 6 seconds NPI icon.png460 Be 'Danger Close' to the Hunter 3 times
4 6.5 seconds NPI icon.png620 Use 35 Energy Cores
5 7 seconds NPI icon.png820Iron icon.png90 Escape Garden 2 Times
6 7.5 seconds NPI icon.png1,100Iron icon.png183 Make 25 Smoke Screens
7 8 seconds NPI icon.png1,460Iron icon.png372 Collect 51 Ammo Crates
8 8.5 seconds NPI icon.png1,940Iron icon.png762 Survive 10 Chases
9 9 seconds NPI icon.png2,580Iron icon.png1,554 Evade 420 Times
10 9.5 seconds NPI icon.png3,440Iron icon.png3,177 Make 100 Smoke Screens