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Runners fight against the Hunter in the Garden. Runners enter the Garden in third-person view, which allows them for better access on the map and maneuverability throughout the map.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Control Icon.png Control The Control Class excels at manipulating the Hunter’s actions and at capturing objectives.
Support Icon.png Support The Support Class provides various benefits to the Runner team. Although they have no Hunter-impeding powers per se, Support Runners can Shield and Heal their teammates from a safe distance, and thus, provide great survivability bonuses to the entire team.
Torment Icon.png Torment The Torment Class specializes in debilitating effects. As a Torment Runner, your job is to harass and keep the Hunter in check while your team tries to complete objectives.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Cling Wrap.png Cling Wrap Increases wall clinging time by 500%
Crawler.png Crawler Increases crawl speed when downed by 40%
Damage Dodger.png Damage Dodger 40% less damage when evading
Evade Master.png Evade Master Increases stamina recovery by 40%
Lucky Charm.png Lucky Charm 25% Chance to gain an additional Weapon Upgrade Part from Crate
Quick Rescue.png Quick Rescue Improves rescuing speed by 50%
Revivalist.png Revivalist Revive with full health instead of 1/3
Staying Alive.png Staying Alive Increases time before bleedout when downed by 50%

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