Power Booster (Mines)

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Power Booster (Mines)
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Reduced Mine cooldown

"Mines are energy-rich objects for your portable printer to cope with and waste heat must be vented before the next can be started. If I upgrade the cooling systems, you won't have to wait as long for the next mine."

- Trinh Thanh

A perk available to The Poacher.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Reduced Mine cooldown.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Perks can be leveled up by the technician located in the Hunter hub. In reach the next level, one must complete a relevant task (shown when looking at the power in the upgrade booth) and gain a sufficient amount of blood.

Level Effect Cost Task
1 -15% N/A Requires character level 3
2 Blood icon.pngnumber
3 Blood icon.pngnumber
4 Blood icon.pngnumber
5 Blood icon.pngnumber Iron icon.pngnumber