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The following is a list of all available perks in the game Deathgarden. This list is incomplete and still under construction.

Icon Name Description Group Character
Bigger Clip.png Bigger Clip Increases magazine size by 33% Hunter
Cling Wrap.png Cling Wrap Increases wall clinging time by 50 to 500% Scavenger Inked
Crawler.png Crawler Increases crawl speed when downed by 40% Scavenger
Damage Dodger.png Damage Dodger 40% less damage when evading Scavenger Inked
Evade Master Increases Stamina regeneration by 5 to 50% Scavenger Switch
Extra Toppings.png Extra Toppings Increases ammo from crates by 50% Hunter
Fast Reload.png Fast Reload Increases reload speed by 50% Hunter
Great Shape.png Great Shape Increases stamina regen by 15% Hunter
Hey, Down There.png Hey, Down There Downed Scavenger are revealed for 6 seconds Hunter
Marked Eye.png Marked Eye Auto reveals all game objects within 25 meters Hunter
Quick Rescue.png Quick Rescue Improves rescuing speed by 50% Scavenger Sawbones
Revivalist.png Revivalist Revive with full health instead of 2/3 full Scavenger Switch
Staying Alive.png Staying Alive Increases time before bleedout when downed by 50% Scavenger Fog
Fleet Feet.png Fleet feet Gathering Blood grants a 50% movement Speed increase for 5 to 27.5 seconds Scavenger Fog
Heat of the moment.png Heat of the Moment Move 10 to 55% faster while Revealed Scavenger Fog
Treasure Hunter Collecting Blood reveals all Crates and Blood within 35 to 125 meters for 10 seconds Scavenger Switch
Herd Mentality Increased Stamina regeneration by 20 to 65% when within 15 meters of other Scavengers Scavenger Switch
Size Matters After Delivering Blood, interaction distance increased by 4 meters for 10 to 37 seconds Scavenger Switch
Sudden Insight Delivering Blood reveals all Crates and Blood for 10 seconds within a 35 to 125 meters Scavenger Switch
Toil Together Blood gathering speed increased by 10 to 55% Scavenger Switch
Shimmy Perk Icon.png Shimmy Move 5 to 50% faster while crouched Scavenger Fog
Ammo Opportunist Icon.png Ammo Opportunitist 10 to 100% increased Bolts per Ammo Crate,and 5 to 30% increased maximum Bolts Scavenger Fog
Emboldened Perk Icon.png Emboldened Delivering blood, grants a 30 Hit Point Shield for 10 to 28 seconds Scavenger Fog
Sharing is Caring Perk Icon.png Sharing is Caring When an Ammo Crate is collected, you and all Scavengers within 15 meters get 10 to 100% bonus Ammo Scavenger Fog
Tear it down Deal 50% more damage to Hunter Constructs Scavenger Fog