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The following is a list of all available perks in the game Deathgarden.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Group
Bigger Clip.png Bigger Clip Increases magazine size by 33% Hunter
Cling Wrap.png Cling Wrap Increases wall clinging time by 500% Runners
Crawler.png Crawler Increases crawl speed when downed by 40% Runners
Damage Dodger.png Damage Dodger 40% less damage when evading Runners
Evade Master.png Evade Master Increases stamina recovery by 40% Runners
Extra Toppings.png Extra Toppings Increases ammo from crates by 50% Hunter
Fast Reload.png Fast Reload Increases reload speed by 50% Hunter
Great Shape.png Great Shape Increases stamina regen by 15% Hunter
Hey, Down There.png Hey, Down There Downed Runners are revealed for 6 seconds Hunter
Marked Eye.png Marked Eye Auto reveals all game objects within 25 meters Hunter
Lucky Charm.png Lucky Charm 25% Chance to gain an additional Weapon Upgrade Part from Crate Runners
Quick Rescue.png Quick Rescue Improves rescuing speed by 50% Runners
Revivalist.png Revivalist Revive with full health instead of 1/3 Runners
Staying Alive.png Staying Alive Increases time before bleedout when downed by 50% Runners