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A playable character class. The Hunter is powered champion whose goal is to defeat all the Scavengers.

The default Hunter that's available is The Inquisitor, while The Poacher and The Stalker can be unlocked for 1000 Iron each.

Every Hunter has 2 abilities which are shared with all other Hunters, 1 ability unique to them, 3 Weapons (of which they can select 2 per game), 6 Perks unique to them (of which they can select 2 per game) and 2 passive Perks, which are always active on that specific character.

List of Hunters[edit | edit source]

The Inquisitor The Poacher The Stalker
Inquisitor-icon.png Poacher icon2.png Stalker icon.png

Shared Abilities[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description

Supercharge icon.jpg

Supercharge Increases speed and jump distance.

Shock icon.jpg

Shock Short range stun, which deals a small amount of damage to all affected Scavengers.