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Drones are a part of the landscape and can be interacted with by Hunters in order to turn them into tracking and area-denial devices.

Active Drone.png Idle Drone.png

Activating the Drone[edit | edit source]

Spread over the Map, there are inactive Drones resting on the floor. A Hunter can use a Power Core obtained from a Power Core Crate to power up one Drone. Doing so will consume the Power Core. A powered up Drone will start hovering above the location where it spawned and will project a red cone beneath it. Any Scavenger that enters this area, will be Revealed to the Hunter and other Scavengers, until they leave this area or the Drone is disabled. Downed Scavengers will not be revealed by Drones.

Disabled Drones will automatically re-activate after 15 seconds. Both newly activating and re-activating Drones will make a drawn out beep sound, which can be heard by Scavengers and the Hunter. This can help both sides in tracking the opponent.

Disabling the Drone[edit | edit source]

Both active and inactive Drones can be disabled for approximately 15 seconds, if shot by the Scavengers. Once a Drone is disabled, shooting it will have no effect, till it starts reactivating. It takes 3 Bolts or 1 Vambrace Power shot to take out a Drone. Due to his passive unique bonus, Fog only takes 2 regular Bolts to disable a Drone.

If an inactive Drone is disabled, it will explode and exude smoke and sparks for 15 seconds. During this time it cannot be activated by the Hunter.

If an active Drone is disabled in the air, it will explode, drop a few meters and exude smoke and sparks for 15 seconds. During this time it will not project the cone that reveals Scavengers.

Drones can be marked, which will show their outline to all Scavengers for a time. Sharp-eyed Scavengers can spot the difference between a disabled and an operational active drone by looking at the outline in the sky. A disabled Drone will float closer to the ground and will be lopsided.