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Note: This article is a remnant of the wiki from before Deathgarden got reworked. There is no information by the developers for any additional modes, apart from Bloodharvest.


Capture is one of the modes in Deathgarden. Capture Mode finds Runners having to capture two different objectives:

About[edit | edit source]

1.) Runners must capture two of the three Capture Objectives found in the Garden. To capture an Objective, Runners must stand in the Capture Objective area for a set period;

  1. Capture Progress resets when Runners leave the Capture Objective area, unless they've reached the halfway mark
  2. Runners standing in a Capture Objective area are evealed

2.) Once Runners complete two Capture Objectives, two Exits open and the Blood Mode is activated. Runners can escape by any of the two Exits. Victory is achieved when 3 runners reach an Exit and escape.

Capturing a point[edit | edit source]

Points are captured by one or multiple Runners standing in the capture point area. While in the capture point area, players are revealed to the Hunter and if they abandon area they lose all progress they have made in capturing the point (unless they've reached 50%).

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