Blood Bank

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Blood Bank
Blood Bank Fog 01.jpg
The Blood Bank in-game
Can deny the use of Power Core Crates when at full power capacity.
Maximizes amount of ability charges.

Blood Banks are an essential part of the Bloodharvest. 3 obelisk towers exist in the Garden after the hunter enters and is used by Scavengers to deposit Blood from Blood Piles.

Function[edit | edit source]

The Blood Banks are part of the main objectives for Scavengers. Scavengers must deposit 125 blood to spawn the exits. Unlike most objects, Scavengers automatically deposit 1 blood per second within the radius of the Bank, unless climbing the tower or a hunter is within the same radius. Each blood deposit makes a chime to cause visual veins across the ground, a light shoot from the tower to the sky, and it's icon throb on the Hunter's HUD. Like most objects, they can be revealed by a bolt and can be used to deliver by multiple scavengers simultaneously .

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • There are many visual and audio cues when depositing Blood. Use this to draw the Hunter's attention, or find scavengers.
  • Hunters should setup a drone on each Bank, considering it's high traffic for Scavengers.